Monday, April 30, 2012

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Proven Link between fitness and productivity

If you haven’t ridden your bicycle in a while, this month would be a good time to get it out, dust it off, and put a couple miles on it. If you ride your bike every once in a while for recreation, Chris Wherity says why not ride it to work this month.

Chris Wherity – “Since the 1950s, May has been designated as Bike to Work Month. And that’s through the American League of Wheelmen.”

Wherity, the Cardiac Care Manager for Peace Harbor Hospital and actual State Cycle Cross Champ says there’s a natural connection between riding a bicycle to work and productivity.

Chris Wherity – “A reduction in sick days, you know more activity at work, you know clarity of the mind, etc. There’s just a lot of less stress involved with you being able to let off some steam before or after work or just being able to get some fresh air.”

Several area businesses have already signed up for the ‘Bike to Work’ challenge and there’s even a website set up where you can register your workplace or team and track your mileage.

Chris Wherity – “Bicycle Transportation Alliance dot com, Bicycle Transportation Alliance dot com. And that’s where we’re actually going to be documenting your community mileage on and there’s lots of information on that site.”

Wherity says this is the fifth year of observing Bike to Work Month in Florence and it has grown each year.

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